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Income Distribution Assignment

Income Distribution Assignment - Business Ethics Assignment...

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Business Ethics March 10, 2009 Assignment 2 Income Distribution For our second assignment we were asked to summarize and give our opinion on what John Isbister writes about income distribution. We are to write about how income and wealth should be fairly distributed among the population. John Isbister states in his income distribution writings that America should roughly have an 8:1 income ratio. He says that America has the most skewed distribution of incomes, with the lowest and highest earnings of 5 percent and 45 percent, respectively. He says that an income distribution model would help the United States to more evenly distribute the income. When 45 percent of all income goes to the top 20 percent of the population, then the poor does not have enough money to live on. As the saying goes, “the rich keep getting richer.” This is so much truer in the United States than in any other country in the world.
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