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GEOGRAPHY 124, Spring 2009: Take-home Test 2. Use this Word file, and type each answer beneath the question or term. Print out the document and bring it to class by April 29. If you cannot come to class on that day, email the test to by April 29. NAME (2 points): Address the following questions (7 points each). 1. Compare the individualistic community concept with the superorganism community concept. 2. Describe the differenc between hierarchical and reticulate classification schemes for associations or community types. 3. What discoveries were used to confirm, modify, and justify Wegener’s theory of continental drift, resulting in the modern theory of plate tectonics? 4. Describe how the arrangement of continents has changed from about 50 million years ago to the present day. 5. Discuss the carbon 14 dating technique. What is measured, what does it signify, and over what time scales is it reliable? 6. What can the relative quantities of oxygen 16 and 18 in ice cores tell us about changes in the Earth’s climate?
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