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1 Analytical Paper Assignment History 173, Spring 2010 Book Title for Paper Due: Wednesday, April 7, 2010 Analytical Paper Due : Wednesday, May 12, 2010 (15%) Short Paragraph and Presentation Due Date : Wednesday, May 12, 2010 (5%) Format 5 pages Times, 12 One-inch margins on all sides One-sided Double-spaced Specify a title for the paper Description of Assignment (two parts) First , choose one of the books from the list provided (and posted on the website) and write a five-page paper that includes the following, roughly in the order specified: A first paragraph (or more) that summarizes in full the book’s central argument . Look at the Table of Contents carefully: structurally, how does the text make this argument? A chapter-by-chapter summary of the book ’s main points. Indicate which chapters are most persuasive and why. Identify the primary and secondary sources the historian uses to frame the argument. Indicate the sources you find most convincing and why. Make a case for the contribution this book makes to Early American History. What do we know now that we would not know without this book and why does it matter? At the minimum, look at three reviews of the book. Use these reviews to indicate the status of the book in the field. Do reviewers agree abo ut the book’s importance? Does the book remain relevant? According to reviewers, what are the text’s strengths and weaknesses? Include these reviews in the bibliography of the paper. Follow the Chicago style guide. See
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Analytical_paper_Apr28 - Analytical Paper Assignment...

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