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Midterm 1 Study Guide

Midterm 1 Study Guide - Puritans seeked reform and purify...

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Quiz 1 Study Guide Vocab. Chapter 2 Protestant Reformation: The religious revolt against the roman catholic church. Renaissance: time of humanism. Great expansion in art and science. Frontier of Inclusion: Mixing of the races English Attitudes about Irish: They thought that the Irish were savages. Chapter 3 Frontiers of Exclusion: Preventing of mixing of races. Indentured servants: migrants who worked off their journey to America. House of Burgess: a group of elect representatives that represented the different colonies. King Philip’s War: Massachusetts Bay Company: a group of wealthy puritans who financed trip to Massachusetts bay renamed SALEM. Mayflower Compact: first document of self-governance in America Pequot War: warfare between the colonists and the Indians. After this they lived in peace for forty years. Pilgrims: the first English colony in New England founded by religious dissenters. Powhatan Confederacy: group of native Indian tribes under the leadership of Powhatan.
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Unformatted text preview: Puritans: seeked reform and purify the corrupt English church Quakers: group of religious tolerant people under the guidance of William Penn. Virginia Company: a group of wealthy british investors sent a small convoy of vessels to Chesapeake bay naming it Jamestown(the first organized colony) Bacon’s Rebellion: slaves and colonist teamed together to evict the Indians that were raiding their towns-virginia Comparison of Massachusetts Bay Colony to Virginia Colony Chapter 4 Great Awakening: Several periods of rapid and dramatic religious revival Middle Passage: the middle of the trip (on the ships) that was between depart and arrival. Pueblo Revolt: Pueblo Indians revolt against Spanish enslavement. Slave Revolt: Chapter 5 The Act of Toleration: parliamentarian act to grant religious freedom to protestant dissenters. Enlightenment: belief in progress and understanding the physical world....
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