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Eng. 100 wb 9/8/2008 Monday 600-845 Orwell: Analysis and Comment I believe Orwell is saying that the English language is used today by politicians as a tool to disguise the truth. He gives the example of words that are used to validate acts of war like “pacification”, “transfer of population”, and “elimination of unreliable elements”. These words are used to describe events like the genocide of the Jews and the murder of innocent Vietnamese civilians in ways that make them seem justifiable. So the question becomes is it right to use this cipher of words to disguise incidents such as these from the uneducated? I think it is an art to know the English language so well that you can manipulate people’s feelings, thoughts, and understanding. I don’t believe anyone should shun upon a politician or a scholar for their using language to better a bad or questionable situation. If there is someone to blame it is not the intellects but those who lack the knowledge and education to interpret what
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Unformatted text preview: they truly mean. Is it right to always blame someone else for your own faults? Of course not, so why blame intellects for their higher use of a language? Because we think it is unfair? But we live in a free country where every legal citizen has the opportunity to obtain a proper education. And it is ignorant to blame a few for the problems of many. True it is a bit sneaky to hide true meanings under a blanket of words but it is our job to do research, ask questions, and find answers that are not always right there on the surface for us to see. Today’s society wants it “now” and is unwilling to wait or work hard for what they need or want. So we can only blame ourselves for a lack of hard work in diligently educating ourselves to understand and interpret the true meanings and intentions of politicians....
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