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HIST 100W DON List of Presentations for April 7 and 12 Below is the list of oral presentations for April 7 and 12. Students in class on Wednesday had the first choice. I have assigned non-attending students. April 7 1. Mike Solis 2. Ira Kurtz 3. Laura Heffner 4. Roman Montes 5. Stacy Stapes 6. Jordan LaSecla
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Cole Bridges 8. Sean Carscadden 9. Sam Hernandez 10. Melissa Rafeedie 11. Scott Miller April 12 1. Angelica Alvarez 2. Nik Mosher 3. Scott Berbick 4. Carlos Ramos 5. Jose Solis 6. Brandon Fugino 7. Melissa Eva 8. Arianna Olson 9. Mark Pierce 10. Sheldon Werber...
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