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Unformatted text preview: San Jose State University Departments of Human Performance and Health Science HuP/HS 169 DIVERSITY, STRESS, AND HEALTH Group Presentations Goal: Students will work together to develop and present specific topics related to the course. Topic: Student groups can choose one of the following: 1. Volunteer for an agency for 4 hours to identify some of the structural inequalities that their clients face and present agencys intervention or social action that helps to eliminate or diminish the inequalities. (Pending Instructor approval of Agency) 2. Watch the one of following movies: Fahrenheit 9/11 Miss Evers Boys Boys Dont Cry The Brandon Teena Story The Laramie Project And the Band Played On Backbone of the World Incident at Oglala Others w/ instructor approval After watching (either together or individually) the movie, present a very quick synopsis, identify the structural inequalities that came up in the movie and either the movies solution(if there was one) or...
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