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Anthropology 12: EXTRA CREDIT Name_______________________ Section______________________ For this assignment I would like you to listen to a lecture given by Dr. Alan Walker, and then write several paragraphs about what you learned from this lecture. It is worth 10 extra credit points which will be added to your total after the maximum for the class has been determined. Alan Walker is a renowned paleoanthropologist who has been working in the field for over forty years. He has been involved in many of the most exciting finds of the last two decades, including the Nariokotome “Strapping Youth” skeleton. He has been a Guggenheim Fellow and was a 1988 recipient of a MacArthur foundation “genius” grant. He gave a lecture in 2006 at Princeton University that is an understated wonder of how it all fits together. The lecture is entitled “The Human Body as an Evolutionary Patchwork.” While this lecture is a few years old, it is still up to date and an extremely
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Unformatted text preview: interesting take on human evolution. Listen to or watch this lecture. The video is available at http://www.princeton.edu/WebMedia/lectures/ in REAL or WindowsMedia. Go to the link and scroll down to the lecture date, March 9, 2006. You can also search for the name WALKER and it will take you right to it. You may have to install either REAL or WindowsMEDIA player to make play it if you don’t have one of these installed already. You can download the REAL player at http://www.real.com . Listen to or watch this lecture and write me a short paper describing THREE things you found interesting and insightful in this lecture. I expect an introduction, three paragraphs each covering one of the fascinating things in the paper, and a concluding paragraph . For each of your three things, you should note what it was, what you learned about it, and why you found it interesting. This is DUE on MAY 12 so that I can return it to you by the last day of class....
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