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106_ID_schedule - identity project schedule advanced...

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working sessions: preliminary research discussion, monday, january 29 sketching by hand only, wednesday, january 31 research review and work-in-class—post any influential data and images relating to clients on walls. monday, february 5 symbol roughs: 16 black and white options, a minimum of 4 concepts with graphic variations for a single client. monday, february 12 6 black and white symbol options, choose 3 to present in color and with type (9 elements total), monday, february 19 2 black and white symbol options with 3 type and color options for each (8 elements total), monday, february 26 final presentation of symbol with type: three unmounted horizontal 11x8.5 prints on heavyweight paper: 1: symbol development process—sketches to final 2, 3: black and white and color symbol and type configurations with normal and minimum size of each configuration monday, march 5 usage guidelines and secondary elements: clear space, color palette, typefaces, on one 17x11 sheet; plus 3 experimental compositions combining the symbol with
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