Midterm 2 - Name ID # Chem 130C 1. Midterm 2 Spring 2009 (5...

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Name ID # Chem 130C Midterm 2 Spring 2009 1. (5 points each) Choose the correct statement from the choices listed, and briefly state why each of the other choices is incorrect. a) RNA: i) incorporates both modified and unmodified bases during transcription ii) does not exhibit any double helical structure iii) exhibits base stacking interactions and hydrogen-bonded base pairing iv) usually contains 65 to 100 nucleotides v) does not exhibit Watson-Crick base pairing b) In eukaryotic transcription i) RNA polymerase does not require a template ii) all RNA is synthesized in the nucleolus iii) consensus sequences are the only known promoter elements iv) phosphodiester bond formation is favored as a consequence of pyrophosphate hydrolysis v) RNA polymerase requires a primer c) An enhancer i) is a consensus sequence in DNA located 70 to 90 nts upstream of the start site ii) may be located either upstream or downstream of the gene it regulates iii) may be located on a different chromosome than the gene it regulates iv) functions by binding RNA polymerase v) stimulates transcription in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes
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Midterm 2 - Name ID # Chem 130C 1. Midterm 2 Spring 2009 (5...

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