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PHYS 50 sample EXAM 2 - like a spring with a force constant...

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SAN JOSE STATE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS PHYS 50-06     CLOSED BOOK Sample MIDTERM 2    SHOW ALL WORK IN SPACE PROVIDED    Spring 2010 1. A 80.0 kg pilot is traveling in a vertical loop of radius 500 m in a jet.  Determine: a) The minimum speed at the top of the loop for the pilot to feel  weightless. (m/s) b) His apparent weight at the bottom of the loop. (N) (20 pts) 2. Mr. Ed(a horse of course) with a power of 1.00 hp pulls a 50.0 kg crate up  a 45º incline at constant velocity. Assume there is no friction between  the crate and the incline. What is the speed at which the crate travels up  the incline. (m/s) (20 pts) 3. A 80.0 kg skier starts from rest at the top of a frictionless hill of  height 50.0 m.  At the bottom of the hill is a horizontal surface where  the coefficient of friction between the skier and snow is 0.25.  The  horizontal surface ends after 150 m with a snow bank. The snow bank acts 
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Unformatted text preview: like a spring with a force constant of 400 N/m. Determine: a) The speed of the skier as he hits the snow bank. b) The amount he compresses the snow before coming to rest. Note: you can ignore energy lost due to friction while in the snow bank. (30 pts) 4. A large truck with a mass of 3200 kg is traveling at a speed of 75.0 km/h southbound. It crashes into a VW beatle with a mass of 1000 kg that was only traveling at a speed of 25.0 km/h southbound. The collision is totally inelastic. Determine: a) The final speed of the truck and car. (km/h) b) Is the kinetic energy conserved? 5. 2.00 kg ball A with a speed of 4.00 m/s has an elastic collision with 2.00 kg ball B with an initial speed of 3.00 m/s traveling in the same direction. What is the final speed of ball A and ball B. (m/s) (10 pts)...
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