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MAS 10B Section 3 Barrera/Covarrubias TIMELINE OF MEXICAN AMERICAN LITERATURE, HISTORY AND CULTURE PART II (1900 – 1930) 1903 Mexican beet workers carry out a successful strike in Ventura, California 1904 Creation of the first Border Patrol, largely to keep out Asian immigrants who were passing as Mexican in order to enter the US Mexican revolutionaries Enrique and Ricardo Flores Magón establish their newspaper, Regeneración , in San Antonio, TX 1910 Start of the Mexican Revolution; over the course of the next twenty years, nearly 900,000 Mexicans (10% of Mexico’s population) cross the border—the largest wave of migration the US has ever seen 1911 The first large convention of Mexicans for action against social injustice, El Primer Congreso Mexicanista , was held in Laredo, Texas 1912 Arizona and New Mexico achieve statehood 1913 María Cristina Mena begins publishing her short stories in mainstream US magazines such as Century , Cosmopolitan and T.S. Eliot’s Criterion 1916
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