Notes 5-5-08 CH33, 34,

Notes 5-5-08 CH33, 34, - problem When they found out he got...

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5/5/2008 Notes Bus 80 Next week CH 41, 42, 43, 44, 50 Final starts @ 5:15 CH33 Employment and Labor law Employee rights Employer rights Government regulations Employment at will – either party may terminate at any time for any reason. Exceptions – contract, tort, public policy Whistle blowing – employee cannot be fired for reporting the company for doing some thing wrong. Wage hour Laws – Protection of the employees. Child Labor – FLSA prohibits oppressive child labor practices Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) – Main act to enforce the safety – federal agency California – CALOSHA Workers Compensation Laws – You as an employee cannot sue the employer but they could be covered by the workers compensation COBRA – when you lose your job, the employer need to extend the insurance for the employees. The money comes from the employee. CH34 Employment Discrimination Vaughn Murphy v. UPS Guy has a high blood pressure. He was hired by UPS. UPS did not know he had the
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Unformatted text preview: problem. When they found out he got fired. UPS is following the federal rules and regulations and DOT test is required for the employee to drive for UPS. UPS won PGA Tour, Inc., v. Casey Martin Casey has a disability that prevents him from walking for a long time. He requests the PGA rule to bend to accommodate his needs but was denied and filed a law suit. Casey won. Title VII of the civil rights act of 1964 – ADA Equal Pay Act of 1963 Not fair to pay women lower wages Defenses to Employment discrimination-Business Necessity-Bona fide occupational qualification-Seniority systems-After acquired evidence of employee misconduct CH35 Sole Proprietorship CH 39 Corporation Fictions person that the government let you create to be the owner of the company. Separate entity The owners are not liable. Shame Corp. – if the corporation did not do all the things that they need to do. Than the owners could be sued and be liable for the company...
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Notes 5-5-08 CH33, 34, - problem When they found out he got...

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