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San Jos6 State University School: Gollege of Business Department: Marketing Course Number: 1344 Title: Gonsumer Behavior Therese Louie Business Tower 550G Instructor: Office Location: Telephone: Email: Office Hours: Class Days/Time: Classroom: Prerequisites: €, (st'. ojo ", . -ul//* Course Name: Consumer Behavior Number: Business 134A Fall2008. TuTh 8:05-8:50, 10:15-10:30 (in classroom),1 1 :50-13:20, and by appointment TuTh 9:00-10:45 (section 3) TuTh 1C:30-1 1:45 (section 2) TuTh 13:30-14:45 (section 4) Boccardo Business Center 103 BUS 130, COMM 100W or ENGL 100WB or LLD \- - '\ ' ai''': L ,\A11r'1 \ \r-S" q\ \S \.\, .\q\ w.. ' - ,L Course Description An examination of psychological, sociological, and other factors that affect customer behavior. These factors are examined in an effort to help businesses and other organizations to accurately assess and effectively satisfy customer needs. Gourse
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This note was uploaded on 09/08/2010 for the course BUS 134A at San Jose State University .

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NotesVideoReferenceGroupsWBTHTGC.pdf - San Jos6 State...

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