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renewable energy project one: content map and poster one a: content map: to provide a broad research reference for the concepts and content of the projects that follow using appropriate text and other elements gathered and developed through your research of relevant sources, outline significant and defining aspects of renewable energy. seek clear arrangements of words, statistics, etc. that provide a context for analyzing and evaluating this body of knowledge. consider divisions and intersections of information with appropriate structure, hierarchy, relationships, and links between data sets and individual elements. footnote all sources. use typefaces from the helvetica or univers families only. measurements: 11"x17" vertical or horizontal color: black and white (halftones and screens of black allowed) present a high-quality print, trimmed to size, unmounted one b: poster: to communicate an overall or significant specific goal or aspect of renewable energy measurements: 15"x20" vertical or horizontal colors/materials: any colors on any paper present a high-quality print, trimmed to size, unmounted project two: brochure
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