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BUS2 131D Study Guide, Midterm 2 Dr. Michael Merz 1 MODULE II: GENERATING INSIGHTS 1. Feasibility Analysis What is a feasibility analysis? Why is a feasibility analysis necessary? What are the components of any feasibility analysis (product/service f.; industry/market f….)? What do these components deal with (understand what the different components of a feasibility analysis entail and why they are important)? What are the two components of a product/service feasibility analysis? What is a concept test, what a usability test? What is a concept statement and what components does a concept statement entail? What is a prototype, what a virtual prototype? What are the three components of an industry/market feasibility analysis? What are Porter’s “Five Competitive Forces” (make sure to understand how these forces affect an industry’s attractiveness/profitability; remember to read Porter’s (2008) “The five competitive forces that shape strategy” Harvard Business Review article)? Know and understand the two primary issues of an organizational feasibility analysis? What are the three primary issues of a financial feasibility analysis? MODULE III: THE NEW VENTURE MARKETING MIX 1. Product: New Product Development and New Service Innovation What is value innovation? Why is value innovation important? How can new ventures pursue value innovation? (Hint: Be sure to review the Harvard Business Review article “Creating New Market Space” by W. Chan Kim and Reneé Mauborgne that we discussed in detail in class); In other words, make sure to know and understand the six approaches of value innovation well… What are emotional, what functional value propositions? What is the Four Actions Framework and what components does it entail? How can
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Midterm 2 study guide - BUS2 131D Study Guide, Midterm 2...

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