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D. Singamsetti 5/30/08 Interpreting a Research Article Introduction: 1. The introduction of the article provides meaningful background information to show why the research is important to human nutrition. It has been extremely prevalent everywhere around the world that deficiencies of iron, iodine, and vitamin A are serious public health problems. The authors include statistics according to a national survey in South Africa where one-third of their children aged less than six years old suffer from vitamin A deficiency. Furthermore, the report includes many occurrences of iron and iodine deficiency in South Africa and the neighboring countries. The various deficiencies have a significant factor when examining the human body and health. According to the article, “Deficiencies of iron and iodine can affect the mental development and learning ability of schoolchildren.” (van Stuijvenberg, 497). Moreover, Iron deficiency has been proven to increase the risks of infections on humans. Iodine deficiency has caused various degrees of retardation, motor and cognitive defects, and a spectrum of disorders. The affects of vitamin A deficiency include childhood blindness, a weakened immune system, and iron metabolism. 2. The authors intend on addressing the various strategies for addressing micronutrient deficiencies. They feel that the best approach to the problem facing the population as risk is food fortification aimed at their specific target of population. In accordance, the purpose for their research is to study the effects of a biscuit fortified with iron, iodine, and β-carotene on the micronutrient status of primary school children living in an area with a known high prevalence of micronutrient deficiencies. Because micronutrient deficiencies can also have an effect on cognitive function, growth, and morbidity, those indicators were assessed as secondary outcomes. Subjects and Methods:
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interpret research article - NUFS 139 D. Singamsetti...

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