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PHYS 2A sample mid 3

PHYS 2A sample mid 3 - the mass of the cat See solution for...

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PHYS 2A-02/03     CLOSED BOOK SAMPLE MIDTERM 3            SPRING 2010 Note problem #1 will not be on the exam, but could be on the final 1. A car has a constant speed of 17.0 m/s on a road. The car goes through a  dip in the road whose radius of curvature is 65.0 m. For the 1800 kg car  during the dip determine: a) The centripetal force acting on the car. b) The normal force acting on the car. 2. A record has a mass of 0.02 kg and a radius of 0.15 m and is considered a  solid disk. Determine the tangential force required to make it decelerate  at a rate of -0.01 rad/sec 2 3. A cat walks along a uniform plank that is 4.00 m long and has a mass of  7.00 kg as shown below. The plank is supported by two sawhorses, one 0.500  m from the left end of the board and the other 1.50 m from its right end.  When the cat reaches the right end, the plank just begins to tip. What is 
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Unformatted text preview: the mass of the cat? See solution for diagram. . 4. A cubical box 0.200 m on a side is completely immersed in a fluid. At the top of the box the pressure is 105.0 kPa. At the bottom the pressure is 106.8 kPa. Determine: a) The density of the fluid. (kg/m 3 ) b) If P atm = 101.3 kPa the depth, of the top of the box.(m) c) If the Box weighs 200 N in air its density. (kg/m 3 ) d) The weight of the box in the fluid. (N) 5. Water is flowing through a horizontal 4.00 cm diameter pipe at 500 g/s at atmospheric pressure (1.01e5 Pa). The pipe then is constricted to a diameter of 1.60 cm. Determine: a) The volumetric flow rate (m 3 /s) b) The flow rate through the constriction, (m/s) c) The absolute pressure in the constriction.(Pa) NOTE TOPICS COVERED IN #6 WILL NOT BE ON THE MIDTERM OR FINAL...
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