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Ex2 Rev Sheet Draft 2 11-2 - Ex 2 Review Sheet F09 Draft 2...

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Ex 2 Review Sheet F09 Draft 2, 12/25/2009 DRAFT2: HUMAN SEXUALITY: EXAM 2 STUDY SHEET F09 EXAM FORMAT : same as exam 1 MATERIAL TO BE COVERED : FOCUS ON CLASS NOTES/DISCUSSIONS/PRESENTATIONS, then Course Reader articles. Read text material for additional background material and key concepts [see below for help] and to enhance your own understanding, as needed. Use this guide to help you review [and amplify] your class notes [with help from your classmates!] and to sift through readings/ films. Course Reader : Readings 3, 5, 8, 9, 10 [a collection],11 . Focus on article’s key points & general themes and how the article relates to or illustrates broader themes & conceptual frameworks presented in class. For R10, ask what broader themes do each of these articles reflect; many are quite short and are “tidbits”. The 2 most important are by the Guttmacher Institute, Facts on Abortion and Facts on… Contraception and should be read, noting key themes. . The Kort article, on George Tiller, is only in the Hard Copy version of the Course Reader and not yet on-line. I will distribute copies of this short 2 page article for those who need it. th Edition] : Review pp.18-19,24-26 , Ch.20, Ch9 [p.239-end], Ch10 [256-70], Ch11 (298-302), Ch12 (314-327), Ch13, Ch.5 (p.108-11), 6 (p.120-131), 7, Ch.19 (494-end), Ch.20 (525- 528). GUIDE TO KEY TOPICS AND CONCEPTS : Major Themes: Human Social and Cultural Control over Sexuality [mate selection; female reproduction & control of offspring].Variations in Cultural Models & Ethnotheories of Sex, Marriage, Family, Human Development. Societal Goals: Reproduction & Social Reproduction. Frameworks for Understanding Sexuality. The Politics of Sexuality [incl. reproduction] Starred *= material comes primarily or solely from lectures *Evolutionary Approaches : . Use class notes as primary source. General definition & alternative approaches: naked ape vs. unique primate; parental investment theory and R vs. K reproductive strategies; applications to male vs. female strategies & “who chooses”. Primates: 3 key categories of primates. Focus on: Primate-wide characteristics. Comparisons with human primates: Parallels; Contrasts (anatomy, sexual behavior, mate selection processes, criteria for mates]. Terms: Estrus, sexual dimorphism, multi-mate vs. long term pair-bonding. Primary social unit: matrifocal unit. Types of human genital alterations. *Human Mate Selection:
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Ex2 Rev Sheet Draft 2 11-2 - Ex 2 Review Sheet F09 Draft 2...

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