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California Government8-10 - 5/11/10 California Government...

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5/11/10 1 California Government Chapters 8-10 Gerston and Christensen 8 Taxing and Spending 9 Local Government 10 State-Federal Relations Chapter 8 Taxing and Spending Budgetary Process 1. Governor and executive branch departments prepares annual budget which then goes to legislature, then refines it through use of line item veto that he/she opposes Annual budget takes effect on July 1. Taxing and Spending 2. Legislature and support agencies – governor presents budget in January, legislature has until June 15 to respond budget needs 2/3 approval in each house
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5/11/10 2 Taxing and Spending 3. Public (via initiative and referendum) Proposition 13 in 1978 changed tax structure in California; Reduced local property taxes by 57% While property owners have save $350 billion in taxes, local governments suffered, becoming increasingly dependent on the state for relief. As result, state major funding agent for local services such public education. Proposition 172, increase state sales tax by .5 percent, earmarked for public safety Examples – use of particular funds for specified purposes Taxing and Spending 4. Occasionally courts question legality of various state taxes and programs 1998 state courts rejected Gov. Wilson’s plan to negotiate and execute compacts with Indian casinos without legislative action 2005 state judge ordered Gov. Schwarzenegger to enforce new law that
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California Government8-10 - 5/11/10 California Government...

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