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10A-S10-L3 - Week 13 T 27 April High Medieval Institutions...

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Revised 18 April 2010 History 10A—Western Civilization—Lecture and Reading Schedule—S10 Required Texts Hunt, Lynn, Martin Thomas R, and Rosenwein, Barbara et al., The Making of the West: Peoples and Cultures, Vol A: To 1500 (Bedford/St. Martins—ISBN: 0312417675) Mellor, Ronald, Augustus and the Creation of the Roman Empire: A Brief History with Documents (Bedford/St. Martins—ISBN: 031240469-7) (T=Tuesday; R=Thursday) R 15 April: Second Midterm Exam Reading: Review Text and Notes for Exam!! Week 12 T 20 April: Franks & Carolingians, empire, conflict, invasion, and restructuring Reading: Hunt, chap. 9, pp. 272-93 R 22 April: New Polities, Agriculture to Commerce, and Church Reform Reading: Hunt, chap. 9, pp. 287-93, and chap. 10.
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Unformatted text preview: Week 13 T 27 April: High Medieval Institutions Reading: Hunt, chap. 10, pp. 311-19, chap. 11, pp. 336-46, 339-56. R 29 April: High Medieval Culture Reading: Hunt, chap. 11, pp. 328-36, 346-49 Week 14 T 04 May: Medieval Civilization at the Apex (with storm clouds gathering) Reading: Hunt, chap. 12 R 06 May: FURLOUGH DAY Medieval Art, Culture and Society— Film View film: # TB0922A at IRC 112— Art of the Western World , Pt. 2: “A White Garment of Churches” Reading: Hunt, review chap. 11, pp. 332-36, chap. 12, 370-73 Week 15 T 11 May: The Crises of Late Medieval Europe Reading: Hunt, chap. 13, pp. 387-401 R 13 May : The Renaissance Reading: Hunt, chap. 13, pp. 401-16 Week 17 M 21 May: Final Exam 0945-1200...
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