Summary Ch 25 Meteors, Asteroids, and Comets

Summary Ch 25 Meteors, Asteroids, and Comets - 7 Asteroids...

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Chapter Summary Chapter 25: Meteorite, Asteroids, and Comets (don’t forget to find definitions at the end of the book, in the glossary and draw pictures!!!!!) 1. Meteor terminology: meteoroid, meteor, and meteorite; falls and finds 2. rate of meteors falling to Earth 3. finding meteors 4. origin of meteors 5. types: iron (Widmanstatten pattern), Stony, and meteorites 6. Allende Meteorite (it is an important sample)
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Asteroids: origin, composition, location (Asteroid belt/Trojan asteroids) 8. Comets: anatomy (nucleus, coma, ion (gas) tail, dust tail) 9. origin 10. nucleus = dirty snowball 11. location/origin: (Kuiper Belt, comets in the plane of Solar System) (Oort Cloud, comets are not restricted to the plane of SS) 12. composition of comets 13. comet tail growth 14. comets and meteor showers...
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