Elevator Pitch SPC2000

Elevator Pitch SPC2000 - with the new patented technology...

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Prof. Bennet Bus 173C Elevator Pitch How many times were you in a vacation or a business trip when your cell phone battery ran out? And you would have to find a place to charge it for hours and hours. But now you don’t have to worry thanks to SPC-2000. SPC-2000 is a solar powered panel charger than could charge any thing that requires battery from cell phones to mp3 players. But
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Unformatted text preview: with the new patented technology the panel is only about 1.5mm thick yet still produce 5.5v of output. It could be customized to be small or big as you like and best of all it is slightly bendable. So you could have it connected directly to your cell phone or mp3 player and attach the panel to the back of the device....
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