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Tips for outlining chapters A very important skill is learning how to outline, or highlight your reading assignments. Doing a good job helps you study more effectively for exams. What I suggest may not work for all classes, especially the obvious candidates like engineering or the natural sciences but for tons of classes, especially those in the social sciences or the humanities, this guide may help you. As you outline or highlight your readings, consider these points: 1) Words that explain things or connote some significance to something. Adjectives, adverbs, verbs and many other descriptive words may give suggest something important. This is often a matter of feel and experience and often discipline specific. 2) Numbered or lettered stuff, example blah blah 3 blah: 1) blah blah blah, 2)… 3) italicized words,
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Unformatted text preview: or (stuff in parentheses), or bold faced words . 4) Phrases that indicate a point in time, or more than one, or comparing things, example, x years later, before the, after the, also 5) Overall, the old standard who, what, when, where and why (and I might add, how) is a good way of considering what is important in a reading. Not all those points may be present but hopefully it makes sense that if a reading is discussing important people (who), things or events (what), chronology of events (when), important places (where), reasons for things (why) and finally how something happens (how, duh) are all important parts of a reading. It’s your task to figure out which of these elements are present in any reading. 6) Refer to Appendix 4 in our syllabus for more tips on reading chapters and books....
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