MUSC10 Concert Report 1

MUSC10 Concert Report 1 - Professor Simi MUSC 10 3 April...

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Professor Simi MUSC 10 3 April 2007 Concert Report The concert took place on Tuesday, March 13, 2007 at 7:30 pm in the Music Concert Hall at San Jose State University . There were three pieces that were performed; the first was Suite No.2 from Romeo and Juliet, the second was a Duet from Roman Fever and the final was Fantasy to Romeo and Juliet. The first piece had seven movements to it and was composed by Sergei Prokofiev. The second piece a one piece duet and was composed by Robert Ward and performed by Michelle Hennessy, Nicole DeBergalis and Nicole Yazolino. The final piece was Fantasy to Romeo and Juliet and it was composed by Peter I. Tchaikovsky. The entire Symphony Orchestra was conducted by Dr. Janet Averett. It was performed by the SJSU School of Music & Dance and it featured the SJSU Opera Theater. The Symphony consisted of brass, wind, string and percussion instruments with the final piece consisting of three female singers doing the voice part of the Opera. The first piece began with a short intro which began with a soft sound of violins that continued with a light crescendo with brass instruments that slightly increased the pitch. The soft sound of the violins gave the intro a very mellow mood and a warm tone color. The steady, soft rhythm helped to give a clear illustration that it was the beginning of the concert. The intro was mainly in consonance with a combination of a short period of dissonance and had a polyphony texture.
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The first movement of the first piece, Montagues and Capulets, began with a soft buildup of brass instruments and percussion instruments adding to the crescendo, which gave it an exciting mood and a bright tone color. Once the dynamics of these instruments reached its pinnacle the pitch of the music went back down to a soft rhythm played by string instruments. This movement consisted of mainly pure dissonance throughout the song and a polyphony texture. The song finished with soft strings playing The second movement, Juliet as a Young Girl, began with a fast rhythm of
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MUSC10 Concert Report 1 - Professor Simi MUSC 10 3 April...

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