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Anthropology 115 – The Emerging Global Culture Reading Guide: Three Cups of Tea 1. Working with our central ideas of trade, travel, and technology (including ideas), what evidence do you see of globalization in this story? Of localizing processes? 2. What happens to Mortensen that causes him to want to build schools in northern Pakistan? What kinds of events can change peoples’ directions in life so profoundly? 3. Who are the Balti? Where and how do they live? Do you agree that they live a “simpler, better
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Unformatted text preview: life than back home”? 4. What does Mortenson have to learn about local culture in order to build his schools? 5. What connections might there be between terrorism and education? 6. How does his work represent “participatory” development? 7. To what degree does Mortenson represent Americans? How does he try to improve the image of Americans from the Pakistani point of view?...
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