exam3review - cost pressures:12-21 cost reductions local...

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Review for Exam- bus 187 kepple exam 3- Case 3 ch.10 influences of curreny slide 10-3 functions of foreign exchange market uses of it spot exchanges insure against foreign exchange risk currency swap nature of the market exchange rates determination law of one price: PPP, big mac index, Money supply and inflation (10-14) Fisher Effect International Fisher Effect Currency Convertibility (10-20) Implications for managers Transaction exposure Translation exposure Economic exposure Ch.11 IMS: 11-2 Major currencies Pegged exchange rate Gold standard 111-5: balance of trade equilibrium IMF Mission, how they help, how the hurt, what they do (8-10) World Bank Floating Exchange rate Fixed vs. Floating 11-20: types of crises (3 of them) Mexican currency crisis Soviet currency crisis Debit crises 11-29 11-30: evaluating IMF policies Ch. 12 Wal-mart case Strategy and the firm 12-5 value creation low cost strategic positioning 12-11 value chain product leverage
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core competence: 12-16 location economics learning curve effects leveraging subsidiary skills
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Unformatted text preview: cost pressures :12-21 cost reductions local responsiveness 4 basic strategies (12-24) International strategy Localization strategy Global strategy Transnational strategy Global learning Matrix organization Evolution of strategy (12-29) Ch. 13 Unilever Org architecture 3 types (13-3) org structure centralization versus decentralization typical function tructure 13-12 problems in internation structure integrating mechanisms area divison worldwide product division Area structure Product division structure Global matrix structure Impediments Formal integrating mechanisms Control systems (13-29) Performance ambiguity Costs for controls Processes Org culture 13-37 ch. 14 foreign markets- which to choose first mover advantage scale of entry market entry modes- six different methods advantages, and disadvantages core competencies and entry mode (14-15) acquisition Greenfield venture Strategic alliance Partner selection...
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exam3review - cost pressures:12-21 cost reductions local...

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