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SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK Spring 2010 SW175: SOCIAL WORK SENIOR SEMINAR (Course Code: 29202, Sec. 4) Instructor: Nathan C. Thomas, M.S.W. Office: WSQ# 217J Class Meeting Time: Wednesdays 6-8:45pm Office Hours: Wednesdays 5-6pm Classroom Location: Sweeney Hall 414 or by appointment Phone: (408) 350-7270 E-Mail: [email protected] CATALOG DESCRIPTION An integrative capstone seminar reviewing current trends, problems and issues confronting the profession. Developments and challenges in California and in the country for BA level generalist practitioners evaluated in light of the student's own personal and professional goals. COURSE DESCRIPTION This is a capstone learning experience enabling senior social work students to integrate knowledge, skills, and values into a professional identity for generalist practice with a trans- cultural perspective. The seminar emphasizes the impact of current issues and policies on individuals and society, the impact of organizations on practice, and critical thinking about the practice options for BASW social workers. The role, nature, responsibilities and opportunities of generalist practitioners with a transcultural perspective will be highlighted, particularly relative to diversity, social and economic justice, oppressed populations, and social work values and ethics. Prerequisites/ Corequisites: SCWK 175 must be taken as the last social work course. Students can enroll in SCWK 175 either: a) concurrently with SCWK 112 and SCWK 142, or b) in the semester immediately following completion of SCWK 142, and must have completed all other social work courses for either option. (Note: students cannot plan to take other social work courses after completing SCWK 175). NOTE: Students are advised that they will not receive credit for SW 175 (regardless of whether they received a passing grade) if it is taken contrary to the required sequence of courses. In that case, students will have to re-take the course at the appropriate time for credit. Please consult your advisor if you have any questions about your eligibility for this course. COURSE LEARNING OBJECTIVES At the conclusion of this course, students will be expected to: 1. Demonstrate a knowledge and application of social work values and ethics in their personal approach to professional practice. Program Objectives: B1.3 (Values & ethics). 2. Identify, reflect upon, critically analyze, and propose programs to address social problems as they relate to generalist social work practice. 1
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Program Objectives: B2.1 (Theory/ Lifespan); B2.4 (Practice Knowledge & Skills); B3.3 (History); B4.1 (Critical thinking); B4.2 (Research). 3. Define and articulate a personal philosophy for generalist social work practice with a transcultural perspective and define areas for continued professional development.
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