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Lecture Study Guide for Midterm #1 1. What are the five subfields of anthropology? Give examples of each. 2. Discuss the "hallmarks" of anthropology. 3. Define ethnocentrism. Give two examples of ethnocentrism. 4. How are the goals of cultural anthropology similar to the goals of archaeology? 5. Discuss garbology. How is Rathje's work an example of applied anthropology? 6. Define archaeology and discuss the four major goals of archaeology. 7. Which of these goals were discussed in the film "In the Light of Reverence”? Explain. 8. Discuss four reasons why archaeology is important to humankind. 9. What is the difference between prehistoric and historic archaeology? Give an example. 10. What is the difference between conventional archaeology and ethnoarchaeology?
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Unformatted text preview: Give one example of the latter. 11. What is a contract archaeologist? Why are they becoming more and more common? 12. Explain the difference between a scientific and religious worldview. How are they related to the four underlying principles of science? 13. What is the scientific method? Explain. 14. What is the difference between pseudo-science and science? Give examples to illustrate your points. 15. Discuss motives for archaeological hoaxes. Give specific examples. 16. Discuss at least four warning signs of bogus science. Give specific examples. 17. Discuss the following hoaxes: Cardiff Giant, Piltdown Man, Shroud of Turin, Case of the Ancient Astronauts...
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