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Anthropology 12: Exercise 12 Name_____________________________ Due Monday, May 17. Please answer the following question in 2+ pages typed. There are no biological races in humans today, but could there have been in the past? What conditions would have facilitated subspecies distinctions in humans in the past? Think about the debates over the number of species in the genus Homo and the debates about modern human origins. How could these also be seen as debates over subspecies?
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Unformatted text preview: And, finally, how can the overlaps in time and space of different species or subspecies of Homo be seen as evidence for or against species in the human fossil record? This question requires you to synthesize much of the information for the ENTIRE course in its answer. Try to think of EVERYTHING you have learned in your answer rather than just the last few weeks – That is discuss evolution and evolutionary patterns, races and subspecies, and the four forces of evolution...
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