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Extra Credit Options 2010

Extra Credit Options 2010 - and peril of scientific...

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Extra Credit Options Overview: The reading list for this class will be pretty demanding in itself, but some of you might be able to work in some more reading and/or movie watching. There is an extensive list of relevant books and movies to peruse, but it is not up to date. (Sorry, Helen, but I just haven’t had time to add in your helpful suggestions!) If you want to get some extra credit for extra viewing/reading —while also perhaps expanding your classmates’ understanding of these works—I would certainly encourage that. What to Write : I want more than just a plot summary and how much or how little you liked it. Put some thought into it, and write at least a full page (typed, double-spaced, normal font size). a) Relate the movie to something we have read in class, if you can. Discuss how the film/book deals with a similar theme: transformations, aspects of the hero and the hero’s journey, codes of honor, courtly love (and other sorts), dealing with human duality, dealing with death and speculations of the afterlife, the promise
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Unformatted text preview: and peril of scientific progress (including humanity’s expansion into outer space), and the promise and peril of continuing human evolution. b) The analysis section should be the main part of your paper, but it would be nice if you could also give a line or two to evaluate the work as a reading/viewing experience so your classmates can judge whether it is worth their time. Try to be a bit analytical: why was it fun or puzzling or boring or whatever? What do I get for all this? Unless I say otherwise, extra credit assignments are worth up to 10 points for each write up (judged on thoughtfulness, length, and good writing in general.) Total possible for the semester: 50 points. Please Note : Forgive me for suggesting you would even THINK of this, but students before you have: Any plagiarism I find on these write-ups will be penalized seriously. All extra credit points you have earned will be deleted, and no further extra credit points will be awarded to you....
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