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JS 159: Presentation Grading Criteria (each is worth 10 points- total 100pts) Lee F2008 I. General I.a. Complete? All Slides included (Title with Topic and Question, Outline, Intro/Background, Importance, Citations?) I.b. Organized, Clear, Easy to Follow – Does outline reflect organization? Does the presentation tell a cohesive story? Is it a tightly reasoned argument evident throughout the presentation? I.c. Length (too long?, too short? Just right?- What portions of the presentation should be expanded? condensed? combined? deleted? You will have only 5 minutes for your introductory presentations I.d. Spelling, Grammar, APA style citations? Font size, color? (powerpoint basics) Citations included in body of presentation? I.e. Balance of Words and Graphics II. Context and Content II.a. Importance and Interest described? Compelling argument as an important issue in Justice Studies? II.b. Originality – Does this presentation report on a topic already published or in press? If so, did the presenter provide citations? II.c.
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