Pols 122 Sylabus, Spring 2010

Pols 122 Sylabus, Spring 2010 - 1 Pols 122 Judicial...

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1 Pols 122, Judicial Politics Office: Clark Hall, #453 Ken Nuger Office phone, 924.5346 Spring, 2010 Email, [email protected] HGH 116 Office hours, 10:30 - noon, T/TH Noon, T/TH 4:45 – 5:45, TH and by appointment Course website: http://www.sjsu.edu/people/ken.nuger/ POLS 122: JUDICIAL POLITICS As one of the core institutions courses, Judicial Politics examines the theories, structures, procedures and politics of American Judiciary. It explores many important areas, including but not limited to the following: 1) the nature and role of law in a democratic society, 2) the nature and functions of a Judicial system as part of a democratic form of government, 3) how courts are created and structured, 4) how judges, attorneys and other participants in the judicial system are selected, 5) how criminal and civil court cases are conducted, 6) what influences affect judicial decision making and finally, 7) the implementation and impact of judicial policy. GRADING Inherently a vulgar subject but one with which we must all contend. The primary source of your evaluation will come from one midterm and one final examination; each worth 100 points. If you do not take the examination on its regularly scheduled day, you may take a makeup examination at a time agreeable to both of us. The makeup will be structured significantly different from the regularly scheduled exam in both form and difficulty so it would be in your best interest to take the regularly scheduled exam. In addition, you will be required to write a research paper approximately 10-12 pages in length worth 50 points. The paper is due no later than Tuesday, May 4 th . If you do not hand in your finished paper by the due date, your paper will automatically receive a 10 point penalty. The last moment to turn in any late work for any credit is the end of our last regularly scheduled class on Thursday, May 13 th . You may also earn or lose points based on your attendance. The details are outlined in the attendance section below. While not a tangible aspect to your final grade, thoughtful participation throughout the semester will allow me to assess your mastery of the course’s student learning objectives and therefore, make it easier for me to give you the benefit of the doubt on your final grade, should it lie between two grades at the semester’s end. ATTENDANCE Attendance will be recorded each day but you get 2 weeks (four class days) of paid vacation (what a great deal!). For each day of class you miss after four absences, you will lose two points. If you use less than four absences in the semester, you will receive two extra points toward your final grade up to a total of eight extra points. For example, if you miss four days of class, you neither earn nor lose points. If you miss five classes, you lose two points, six classes, four points, etc. If you miss only three classes, you
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Pols 122 Sylabus, Spring 2010 - 1 Pols 122 Judicial...

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