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midterm review - 11 What is a hate crime 12 According to Dr...

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Self Defense Midterm Review Spring 2010 1. What is one of the main disadvantages of self defense training? 2. What is your responsibility in preventing crimes? 3. What should be your first concern in a self defense situation? 4. Based on the law, the self defender 5. When doing a side kick, the toes of the kicking foot should point? 6. Which kick is NOT a powerful kick? 7. Who was the creator of the human needs theory? 8. Who commits the greater percentage of the 5 categories of major crimes? 9. What age group is at most risk for violent crime? 10.
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Unformatted text preview: 11. What is a hate crime? 12. According to Dr. Gong Chen, what is NOT a warning signal of violence? 13. What are the warning signs of violence? 14. Level of intent refers to? 15. What is a crime prevention strategy? 16. What is not a linear technique? 17. What is a victimless crime? 18. What is arson? 19. What is the definition of Robbery? 20. What is vandalism? 21. What is a perfect self defense situation? (2.5 points) 22. What does RAD stand for? (2.5 points)...
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