Strong-Practice of Austerities

Strong-Practice of Austerities - The bodhisattva then...

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Unformatted text preview: The bodhisattva then declareD: "The faith of Udraka RAmaputra is also my faith. The deterMination, minDFulness, concentration, and wisdom oF Udraka RAmap¡tra are also my deterMination, mindfuLness¢ concentra- tion and wisdom£ The dharmas that Udraka RAMaputra has realized¢ up to the stage of neither perception nor non¤perception, I wilL reaLize¥¦ §¨¥ [The bodhisattva then FoLLoweD and completed all of Udraka's prac© ticesª but he was not fulFilled by them either¥] «This path too¢¬ he de­ clared¢ ®is not adequate for knowledge¢ not adequate for seeing¢ not ¯d° eq¡ate For unsurpassed total enlightenment±¬ ²nd having thus determined that path to be insufficient¢ the bodhi³ sattva went on£ The Practice of Austerities Now King Suddhodana, overcome by sorrow For his son, constantly sent out messengers to search For the bodhisattva´ In this way¢ he LearneD that the bodhisattva had left Udraka RAmaputra¢ Departed µAjag¶ha¢ anD was wanderi·1g around without any attendants¸ Having heard that, he sent three hundred servants to attend to him¸ ²nd in the same royal city¢ the SAkya 5uprab¡ddha¢ Queen ¹AyAºs father, heard the same news, and he sent two hundred servants¥ 50 the bodhisattva¢ surrounded by f»ve hun³ dred attendants¢ wandered in the forest of asceticism¼ ½oon¢ he reflected¾ ¿Àwelling in crowDs is no good for discipline in asÁ cetic practices and is antithetical to the search For the deathless state Therefore I will retain F»ve servants only and send the others awayÃÄ ½o he kept two from the maternaL side and three From the pateÅaL siDe¢ and they attended to his needsÆ Now, with his ento¡rage of five attendants¢ he went on a journey to the south of GayA¢ to UrubilvA¢ the vilÇage oF ½enApati¥ Èhere he found a loveÉy spot¢ a grove of trees near the NairaÊjanA River ´´ËÌ ²nd he sat himself firmly down at the base of a tree¢ clenched his teeth¢ placed the tip of his tong¡e on his palate¢ and grabbed, gathered¢ and pressed hard his thoughts with his mind ££££ Ͳnd he began to fastÎ] ²s he grad¡ally took smaller and smaller amounts of Food¢ his backbone became Like a string of beadsÏ and his buttocks became like the foot of a camel Taking hold of his body froM the front, he found he held it at the back¼ Taking hold of it from the back¢ he Fo¡nd he held it in front¨ He rubbed and stroked his body with his hands¢ and where he did so his hairs readily fell off£ Í ´¨£ ]...
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Strong-Practice of Austerities - The bodhisattva then...

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