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Comm 20: Engagement #1 – The Story of Your Name 20 points total:  5 points for written preparation, 15 points for presentation You will give a  1 to 2-minute  extemporaneous (prepared, but not memorized) presentation on your name. You  will turn in a  typed  page of informal notes. These are to help you remember what you wanted to say,  not to  provide a script for your presentation . Put your name clearly at the top of the page.  The content is up to you, and can include things like: How your name was chosen Who you were named after Common mistakes that are made with your name Any nicknames that you have
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Unformatted text preview: Who else has your name? Celebrities or famous people? Cultural significance of your name How you feel about your name If you dont feel you have a lot to say, do some research. You should write your name on the board, and feel free to write or draw any other information that helps you to tell your story. Be creative and express yourself! Think about having a beginning, a middle, and an ending to your presentation. Remember, the more memorable your presentation is, the more likely your classmates will remember your name! Have fun!!! Its only 2 minutes!...
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