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Singamsetti NuFS 139 Section 19 Video Review #2 2/10/08 Ending Hidden Hunger “Ending Hidden Hunger” is a movie about people from all over the world who are fighting hunger on a daily basis. The main idea of the film is that children are not getting enough food. According to the film, one-third of the children populations are not getting enough food. The children have become extremely malnourished. In many cases, the children are lacking essential nutrients of the body. The results are a lack of iron, shortage of vitamin A, and an iodine deficiency. The point of view of the film is to describe what people are living through in other places of the world. Furthermore, the film producers want to sympathize with those whom are hungry and try to help them out by proving them with more food and better diets. The film discusses how it is up to people to empower people so they do not have to suffer from hunger for a long period of time. There is a great connection from the movie to the class in respect to achieving a
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