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Diagnosis_2 - 3 rd wave consulting looking at goals for...

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Actions by OD consultants: Organization is key. Keep a notebook with important documents that you can easily access (e.g., frameworks, concepts, ideas, code of ethics) Organizational Renewal Keep: Table 2.1 Systems theory Inputs thruputs (processes) outputs Open systems theory: -feedback *-loosely coupled systems (Weick) (Union Carbide and Bhopal case) -sociotechnical system Keep: p. 61 Corporate Culture Define Culture vs. Climate Principles: Do what is right; do your best; do not treat others as you would not want to be treated. Values of OD: Humanism, Development, Optimism Keep: Table 3.2 p. 80 Diagnosis : Methods for diagnosis SWOT analysis Keep: Table 6-1; 6-2 very important to review; (review in class) what do you think you are doing with your clients? Weisbord’s Six-box model Formal and informal aspects of each box
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Unformatted text preview: 3 rd wave consulting: looking at goals for achieving healthy organization OD phases: Entry, contracting, diagnosis, feedback, planning change, intervention, evaluation Change Management: Motivating change, creating a vision, developing political support, managing the transition, and sustaining momentum Essential for change: 1) create sense of urgency 2) powerful guiding coalition 3) vision 4) communicate vision (a lot) 5) remove obstacles to achieving vision 6) systematic, realistic, achievable, measurable plans (short term wins) 7) produce more change 8) anchor changes in org. culture/institutionalize new approaches Action Research Cyclical p. 132 “No action without research, no research without action.”...
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Diagnosis_2 - 3 rd wave consulting looking at goals for...

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