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Anthropology 175 Anthropology of Native America Dr. Jan English-Lueck, Spring 2010 Final Answer FOUR of the following questions. Use clear prose and concrete examples. 1. What is the role of the Internet in indigenous revitalization? Compare the perspective, tone and the discourse of a site generated by the indigenous people themselves, and one about them. The sites can be drawn from any site used in this course or ones that you have found related to your project. 2. Discuss at least two key turning points in the contact of Europeans and Americans with California Indians. What impact did these historic events have on the ability of contemporary California Native peoples to be sovereign and economically viable? 3. How is the Canadian experience of being a member of a First People group different from that
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Unformatted text preview: of a tribe within the United States? You may choose a group from the Pacific Northwest, the Canadian Plains, the Canadian Arctic or the Metis as an example to illustrate your observations. 4. Compare the artistic social realm of one of the peoples of the American Southwest with the American or Canadian Northwest. What role does art play in the cultural preservation and revitalization of the people? 5. What is the case for Hawaiian sovereignty? How does it compare to the efforts to achieve Federal Recognition among California’s native people? 6. Compare the contemporary revitalization efforts of two of the following: Maori, Hawaiians, Northwest Coast peoples, California Native peoples. Be specific about the tribal nation and activity....
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