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Volunteer Interviewers Needed Description: Volunteers are needed to interview patrons of soup kitchens, shelters, and food pantries throughout Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. The information collected is for the Feeding America Hunger Study, “Hunger in America 2009”, a nationwide study which, when completed, will be used for hunger education, advocacy and public policy throughout the country. Individuals who would like to help out with client surveys must: Attend a one-time 2-hour training session in Be available for multiple site visits in February, March and April. Site visits are prescheduled and may occur any day of the week, usually in the afternoons or evenings. Interviewers will be scheduled according to their availability and geographic locations. Visits will be made in teams of 3 to 5 people and will typically last about 2 hours. No more than two visits per week will be requested. Be friendly and able to speak to strangers. Must also be able to work well with a diverse, low-income
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  • Steinberg,Laurie
  • San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Clara County, California, San Mateo County, California, food bank, Interstate 280, harvest food bank

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Volunteer_Interviewers_Needed_1_24_09_Final_and_Sentx2x -...

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