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Dr. Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland BIOLOGY/PSYCHOLOGY 129: NEUROSCIENCE Tentative Study Guide: III San Jose State University Midterm III will test your knowledge on concepts discussed or covered in text since Midterm II. You will have to read ahead in your text for some of the concepts below. Midterm III is scheduled for Tuesday, 4/27. Best of luck. 1. What would rather have, a large lesion in your postcentral gyrus or a small one in your medulla? Describe the clinical outcomes of these injuries to defend your response. 2. As discussed in class, describe commonalities among sensory systems. 3. How is energy transduced in the non-visual sensory systems, and what are the primary sensory pathways for these systems? (gustatory, olfaction, somatosensation, pain) 4. What are the primary pathways for gustatory, olfaction, touch and pain. 5. In what ways is pain an enigma, and how does it differ from other sensory systems? (You will have to read ahead for this one.)
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129studyguidIIIspr10 - Dr. Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland...

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