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Comm 115P/241R Professor Shawn Spano Reading Response 4: Dialogue Facilitation Skills Scenario : Imagine that you facilitating a small group dialogue for the City of Cupertino on race relations in the City. The participants are a diverse group of Cupertino residents who have volunteered to attend the dialogue because they are active and engaged citizens who care about their community. About half way through the dialogue you ask the group if they have any concerns about race relations in Cupertino. The first person to respond says: “I do have some problems with local race relations here in Cupertino. Specifically, there are concerns about the influx of Chinese newcomers in the city that are not being addressed. Take the situation with the shopping center at Cupertino Village. It appears to cater exclusively to Chinese clientele. The business owners don’t seem to have any interest in merging with the
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Unformatted text preview: neighborhood. None of the signs are even in English. I think the Chinese should be commended for the contributions they are making, but they don’t seem to be very sensitive to the needs of the whole community, including whites.” Directions How can you, as the facilitator, respond to this person? Answer four of the questions below with examples of specific responses (approximately 1 page). Please type your answers and turn them in on the day we discuss it in class (Tues, March 2). 1. What can you say or do to demonstrate curiosity and wonder ? 2. What can you say or do as a way of acknowledging the person and their comment? 3. What can you say to restate or paraphrase what the person said? 4. What can you say or do to reflect feelings from the comment? 5. What is an example of reframing ? What specifically would you say? 6. What is an example of an appreciative question in response to the comment? 7. What is an example of a systemic question in response to the comment?...
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