INT TKD SPRING 2010 - San Jos State University Kinesiology...

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San José State University Kinesiology 54B 01, Intermediate Taekwondo Spring 2010 Instructor: Jennifer Schachner Office Location: SPX 301 Telephone: (408) (482-4961) Email: [email protected] Office Hours: TBA Class Days/Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30-4:20 Classroom: SPX 89 Course Description Introduction to history, forms, techniques, practice and etiquette of the martial art of Taekwondo. Higher level techniques and fighting styles are addressed in this intermediate class. Beginning level Taekwondo experience is a requirement for this class. Course Contents This course will cover many physical techniques that form the basic and intermediate levels of TaeKwondo. It is expected the student has had at least one semester of training or equivalent. Course will being with a review of the basic fundamental kicks, punch and strikes that are the foundation of Taekwondo. The physical coursework will cover intermediate/advanced techniques, forms, combination kicks, step sparring and self defense. Please see technique list below. Along with the physical techniques, course will cover martial arts as a mental discipline to help develop life skills such as respect, responsibility, humility and credibility. Front Stance Horse Stance Cat Stance Defensive Down Block Inside Block Outside Block High Block Knifehand Middle Knifehand down double middle double down Middle Front Punch High Front Punch Lead Jab Rear Cross Double Punch Spearhand Ridgehand Backfist Rear Leg Front Kick Intermediate Taekwondo, 54B, Spring 2010 Page 1 of 6
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Leads Leg Front Rear Leg Side Kick Lead Leg Side Rear Leg Round Kick Lead Leg Round Spinning Back Kick Sliding Front Kick Sliding Side Kick Sliding Round Kick Sliding Back Kick Jump Front Kick Jump Side Kick Jump Round Kick Jump Back Kick Pop Font Kick Pop Side Kick Pop Round Kick Pop Back Kick Inside Axe Kick Outside Axe Kick Inside Crescent Kick Outside Crescent Kick Hook Kick Spin Hook Kick 3-Step Sparring 1 Step Sparring
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INT TKD SPRING 2010 - San Jos State University Kinesiology...

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