WebQuest_IV - WebQuest 4 "Will Family Farms Die Like...

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“Will Family Farms Die Like Mom, Pop Stores?” Source: http://www.glencoe.com/sec/math/prealg/prealg03/webquest/index.php4/na/unit5 Summary: You will be preparing a brochure that shows data on farming or ranching as a business. Things that you need to turn in for a grade I. You need to prepare a brochure or a WebPage that should in include the following information: at least five graphs or tables that show statistics about farming or ranching either over time or for a recent year. The statistics you find should be about farming or ranching in all fifty states; at least one scatter plot that shows some farming or ranching statistic over time from which you can make a prediction about farming in the future; a short description of what each graph or table shows; pictures or artwork that will make your brochure or Web page attractive. II. Answers to the questions in the “Questions” section of the WebQuest: A. For your brochure, you find these data about the number of farms per state as of 1999. (The number of farms is given in thousands.)
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WebQuest_IV - WebQuest 4 "Will Family Farms Die Like...

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