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EDEL 108A Sec. 4 Curriculum Seminar Reading/Language Arts for the Culturally/Linguistically Diverse Classroom Spring, 2004 Rocío Dresser Ed.D Units: 6 Telephone (408) 924- 4076 fax 924-4076 Meeting time: 16:00-18:50 E-mail [email protected] Code 22074 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION SHARED VISION: A vision is a destination, but one which defines a journey, not a fixed point on a conceptual map. The College of Education faculty holds that excellence and equity matter – that each is necessary, and neither is sufficient in the absence of the other. Consequently, we are a learning community of practitioners/scholars in continuous development, dialogue and inquiry that enable us to revisit, review and revise our practice in response to changing circumstances and to model and inspire that dialogue for colleagues and students. Equity speaks initially to access and ultimately to outcomes. As a College, we work and prepare educators to work, both at the instructional and policy-making levels, to ensure that every child has the opportunity to benefit from available educational resources. Our College works toward equity in action, i.e., equity not only by policy, but also through process and practice. Excellence in a democratic society actualizes each student’s unique potential as an individual and as a member of a diverse community. Excellence recognizes the respect each of us must show for others as we reach for our own success. Excellence involves knowledge and skills with a commitment to life-long curiosity, imagination, and learning. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION MISSION: The mission of the College of Education at San José State University is to prepare educators who have the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and ethics that ensure equity and excellence for all students in a culturally diverse, technologically complex, global community. The policies and practices of the College of Education at San José State University are based on the belief that teaching in a democracy requires and must ensure that students have access to a excellent and equitable education; •  educators at every level have knowledge of their subject matter and their students value and engage in ethical practice and excellent pedagogy, and develop dispositions and habits of mind that ensure that all students have equitable access to an excellent education. stakeholders be involved in the collegial community and engaged in the professional conversation and decision making that delineates standards, assigns resources, guide program design, and reward accomplishment in the College. 1
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Course Rational and Description As teachers we should be familiar with multiple instructional approaches and techniques particularly those which could enhance the learning of the bilingual and the monolingual student who is not familiar with many pre-academic experiences. This challenge must be met in order to prevent the development of what is now recognized as
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EDEL_108A_spring_2004_syllabus - 1 EDEL 108A Sec 4...

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