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Research paper topic ideas Here is a list starting of who has chosen what topic. When a topic is taken, it can’t be repeated by someone else. We can talk about the logic of attacking the same topic from different points of view so if you wish to write on a topic that appears to be taken by one of your cohorts, let’s talk about it and see if we can’t come up with an idea that will keep you interested and motivated. Below the list of students is the list of ideas I’ve jotted down which may help you figure out a topic. I’ll expect to hear from everyone fairly soon so you can begin your research. 1. Sanda is analyzing the Patriot Act. Doing so will require especially on the law enforcement authority powers and its resulting effect on citizens’ reasonable expectation of privacy. 2. Markos has expressed an interest in writing about privacy laws but that is pretty general. Let’s talk about how you can develop a theme or thesis that allows you to address a variety of privacy (or lack thereof) laws in an interesting and logical manner, focusing of course on the laws’ effect on technology or our privacy. 3. Olivia is writing on identity theft in the financial realm. 4. Ediberto is writing on the Real I.D. act and its effects on society. 5. Kevin is writing on the constitutionality of drug testing and its effects on citizens 4 th amendment privacy rights. That’s it so far. So, what’s in your brain for a topic? 1. Analyze how effective or ineffective particular laws are that affect privacy in either the public or private sector. 2. Different technologies and how they are used to erode or protect privacy. (two separate papers, erode and protect) 3. Law enforcement technologies and effects on law enforcement/privacy 4. Biometric technologies and their public sector uses. (Can be more narrowly tailored to a specific biometric technology and a specific use. 5.
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Sen_Sem_research_topics_Fall_08 - 1 Research paper topic...

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