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car wash partners inc case

car wash partners inc case - also want to control large...

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Bus 173C Prof. Steven Bennet April 27, 2009 Car Wash Partners, Inc. Case Car Wash Partners Discussion Questions: 1. Is the car wash industry an attractive industry for consolidation? Why? What are the potential hurdles to a roll-up strategy? The car wash industry is an attractive industry for consolidation. The car wash market was $3.2 billion back in 1994 and it is growing 3% to 5% every year. Therefore the demand is out there but the supply is not. The approach by Car Wash Partners (CWP) is great. They want to penetrate the niche market of exterior-only wash and full-service wash market. And CWP
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Unformatted text preview: also want to control large number of car wash locations trough out the United States under one roof. 2. What are the economics of operating a car wash? Are there economies of scale? 3. Is Tom Curtis the right person to run Car Wash Partners (CWP)? What is his background? Who should be added to the management team? 4. Do the two proposed acquisitions make sense? What price should CWP pay for them? 5. What is an appropriate valuation for CWP?...
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