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N137_Group_Dynamics_Activity_x2___Planning_your_Project - 2...

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San Jose State University School of Nursing NURS 137 Group Dynamics Activity #2:  Project Planning (10 points) Due:  March 20, 2009 Presentation Group Members: Aggregate:  Community Assessment: Identified Problem:  Program Goal:   Intervention Technique (discuss what will be the role of the CHN): 
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INTERVENTION TECHNIQUES: 1.  Political Action & Advocacy 5.  Stress Management
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Crisis Intervention 6. Behavior Modification 3. Education Group 7. Assertiveness Training 4. Supportive Therapy 8. Social Skills Training The Group Dynamics Activity #2 will aid your group in defining a portion of your needs assessment and project description for your final poster presentation....
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