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Diamondminingwksht - accomplished 2 Get help from one or...

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NAME _______________________________ TOPIC ______________________________ “Diamond Mining” (Finding information for your final research paper) As you work on your rough drafts for your research paper, many of you may find that you have “holes” in your thinking or your research, and you need to continue to collect information and ways of thinking about your topic. There are three research activities listed below. Everyone should have done or be planning to do all three. Please report briefly on what you have done in these areas and turn in this sheet on Thursday, April 15. 1) Up-close library research. Physically visit the King Library to move your research forward. Briefly describe WHEN you went, HOW you prepared for your visit, and WHAT you
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Unformatted text preview: accomplished. 2) Get help from one or more human beings other than librarians. You may need to interview someone. You may have the opportunity to share a piece of your writing with someone. You may sit down and work through your draft with a writing coach. You may need to talk through a complex idea with a friend who is a good thinker. Briefly describe WHO you interacted with, WHEN you did it, and WHAT you did, and HOW it helped you move your paper forward. 3) Key word brainstorming. No matter what your topic, you have done some key word searches in the library databases and on the internet. List at least five key words that have been useful in researching your topic. Kahn • COMM 100W • Spring 2010...
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