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Instructions for Project 2_0001 - 8t26t2009 Bus 172B F.J...

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8t26t2009 Bus 172B F.J. Jones PROJECT 2 INVESTMENT POLICY STATEMENT (IPS)* It is December, 2019. You have u'olked hard for the last ten years and harie been successful. To celebrate your hard work and success, you have decided to "take a year off' and drink wine in the south of Flance (or go to any other place in the worid you rvould like). You do not want to be bothered with managing your considerable investment porlfolio immediately prior to and during this year. You har,e selected a financial advisor whom you believe is competent and ethical. But you do not want to give this advisor "carte blancire" with your investments. Rather, since you are an intelligent investor as a result of Bus. 1 l2A and Il2B at San Jose State University, you rvant to provide this advisor u'ith explicit instructions with respect to how they sirould manage your investments during this period, These specific instructions represent an IPS (Inrzestment Policy Statement). This IPS shouid be based on your individual characteristics, both personal and financial, and your understanding of the financial markets and how the various asset classes lelate to your investment requirements. The various aspects of your IPS are summarized belorv. IPS Outline Introduction: Provide a one-page cover letter to )/our irnancial advisor describing the nature tireil assignment. Investment Policv Statement L Personal Characteristics (as of Dec., 2019) Prorride a balance siieet (B/S) of your financial assets (both your investment and retirement financial assets), your real assets; and your liabilities. This balance sheet represents a projection of your balance sheet as of December,2019. Be optimistic, but realistic. The allocation of assets in this IPS should apply to the investment and retirement financial assets in this B/S. To repeat, specify the amount of your investment and retirement assets as of Decetnber, 201 9 and allocate these amounts in your IPS.Your real
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Instructions for Project 2_0001 - 8t26t2009 Bus 172B F.J...

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